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Some Tips to Selling Your Home - Summer of 2019 - House For Sale

Blog by Vijay Virk | May 1st, 2019

  1. Price it Right

Although pricing your home right applies to all seasons, considering the current sellers market, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced Realtor® to set a realistic price for your home. Homes that are priced right are selling quickly, and to qualified, highly motivated buyers. No one wants to have their home on the market all summer, dealing with endless showings and open homes. If you want to sell your home quickly and efficiently, make sure to work with a Realtor® to price it right taking into consideration the current market and the unique aspects of your property. Want to find out what your home is worth? Meet with experinced Realtor today.

  1. Make it Available

Making your home available for prospective buyers to view is important to facilitate a quick sale. Often buyers are coming from out of town and have a small window of time to view your property. This can be tricky in the summer with kids home from school or guests visiting from out of town. When listing your house for sale be sure to discuss your schedule with your Realtor® and highlight any times that are better for showings than others. Make sure the house is neat and tidy throughout the process- if your home is made available and is kept orderly the chances of it selling quickly are increased.

  1. Let the Outside In

It’s beautiful outside. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and there is a gentle warm summer breeze in the air. Let this glorious outdoor weather inside this summer so buyers can truly appreciate what it is like to live in this pristine part of the world. Open doors and windows to keep it cool inside promoting cross breeze and natural ventilation. Let the bright colours from outdoors highlight the inside of your home. If you have a great outdoor patio area, make sure to showcase this by creating a desirable setting for outdoor living.

  1. Summer Curb Appeal

The first impression buyers will have of your home (besides browsing photos and videos online) is when they arrive there to view it in person. The first things they will notice are the outdoor features such as front lawn, gardens and entrance way. In summer, use this as an opportunity to manicure the area surrounding your home to give a great first impression. Make sure the lawn is mowed, any hedges are neatly maintained, flowers are alive and healthy and that any clutter (toys, gardening equipment, sports gear) are neatly stored away and out of sight.

  1. Plan for Your Next Step

Expect your home to sell quickly once it hits the market. When this happens, are you ready for the next step? If you will be buying another property in Whistler have you submitted any offers or assessed the inventory on the market? If you’re planning on renting in the interim have you secured a rental property? The summer housing market in Whistler is tight. Whether you will be buying or selling once your property is sold, make sure you have begun researching your next step and have any pre-qualifications in order if necessary