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Time to find out your relationship with your Realtor - Realtor in Surrey North Delta Langley

Blog by Vijay Virk | April 17th, 2019

Q- Can my Realtor just cancel my listing or extend it without my consent? I noticed my home was not showing anywhere and I had no clue if my home was being marketed by Realtor or not.

A- Very often we don't look at papers completely when we sign listing documents with an agent. There is always a listing start date and end date. Realtor that you hire can neither cancel the listing on their own nor they can extend the listing. For any change, clients signatures are required as per Real Estate law.

Let's say you signed listing for 6 months. By the end of 6 months, your house listing will cancel on its own. But assuming you noticed your house listing was cancelled prior to 6 months or if it keeps showing active past 6 months. That might mean your relationship with your Realtor was not a good one and there was not much communication. Very often Realtor will list clients property and won't communicate much during the listing period. A good Realtor should always stay in touch with clients updating them with what is going on with their house, any changes in market conditions since it was listed or what else can be done to convert listing into a successful sale.

These are signs and questions you should ask when interviewing Real Estate agent before signing on listing papers.

Market conditions keep changing from buyers market to sellers market or to balanced market. Professional Realtor should be able to adapt to those changes easily and connect with buyers or sellers on constant basis no matter it is buyers market or sellers market.

I have noticed,  it is very often that people complain that their Realtor only talked to them on day of listing and since then he or she has completely vanished. That is not a good sign of professional Realtor. We Realtors work in service industry, each and every client is important for longevity of our business.

If you have any questions regarding Real Estate, Investments or current market conditions than feel free to contact me.

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